A new Actina PACT team member

In January, Jacek ‘minise’ Jeziak joined Actina PACT, an esport organization supported by the Actina brand. He is one of the most recognizable Counter Strike players in Poland and abroad. He used to play for such leading organizations as Kinguin, Devils.one or Arcy, but he was also working for the global G2 organization. Now he has joined Actina PACT.

‘Acquisition of one of the most experienced and recognized snipers in Poland is a great opportunity for us for rapid growth. Jacek’s experience is a perfect match for the game playing style of our IGL Dawid ‘lunatic’ Cieślak, who has a preference for a really ‘neat’ style. Throughout his career, Jacek has already had two wins at the Poland Championship organized by ESL, while in the international arena, he won the DreamHack Open in Montreal’, Marcin Kurzawski, founder and director of Actina PACT, enumerates.

Strenthening of the Actina PACT team with such a popular and experienced player as Jacek ‘minise’ Jeziak, following the transfer of Marina ‘Lova’ Krylova, much talked about a few days earlier, is also an important point in the Actina brand activity development.  

‘In its strategy, Actina bets on ambitious people, who have already done a lot but still have a lot to do ahead of them. It’s nothing special to take over players at their best, the real deal is to find and trust those who push forward, despite any temporary turbulence, not afraid of new challenges. This is my view of including Jacek in the Actina PACT team, and I strongly support him’, says Michał Miłkowski, Management Representative responsible for Component Business Development and Actina PC Brand at ACTION S.A.

The player himself has spoken about the transfer, too; he wants to write a new chapter of his career together with Actina PACT, so that it becomes at Actina PACT career, and to generally contribute to the esports community in Poland and internationally. ‘I am really happy about the opportunity to join Actina PACT. I’m pinning a lot of my hopes upon this fact. I want to commit to the maximum of my capability, so that we can feel the taste of victory together with the other players. I guess the team spirit I’ve already experienced at Actina PACT, and the whole technology background Actina has as a brand, is a great foundation for the Actina PACT team to go on winning important awards in Poland and internationally’, Jacek ‘minise’ Jeziak added.