Actina brand is owned by ACTION S.A., present on the market since 1991. The company is headquartered in Zamienie near Warsaw.

The Actina portfolio comprises best quality gaming equipment for the most demanding gamers. The first Actina computers were placed on the market already in 2001. It shows how much we value precision and an experienced team, who have been able to meet the challenge for years, so that the hardware we make for you is built perfectly, to the smallest detail.

Actina brand does not stay in the same place or look backward; we go forward all the time.

Our consecutive lines of gaming PCs are the hallmark of growth of our brand, as we regularly upgrade our earlier projects, mainly on the basis of the feedback we get from you and we always learn our lessons. We make every effort to keep you more and more satisfied. We don’t make concessions when building our hardware systems. Therefore, in our computers, we use components from such leading brands as MSI, ASUS, SPC, GIGABYTE, SAPPHIRE , WD, AMD, or Intel. This is a safeguard of the best quality of the hardware we offer.

Our product range comprises a number of lines of solutions customized to specific requirements.

All of them are precisely developed, enhanced, tested by professional expert organizations, tailored to the needs of various gamers, starting with those just setting out on their gaming journey and ending with hardcore professionals. Moreover, we can customize gaming PCs with the use of water cooling systems. With that, we can build a unique, one-and-only machine, adjusted to your individual, specific needs.

The idea we follow in designing our Actina computers is to build maximum performance machines at minimum cost of its class, so that they are affordable for every gamer.

Our gaming hardware is used by recognized e-sport teams in their daily work. Besides, Actina’s computers are extremely popular among top ranking streamers and YouTubers such as Saju, Doknes, Ewron, Isamu, or Minise.

The added value in all Actina brand PCs is the 24-month Internet Security license, guaranteeing online safety.

Moreover, our SPC line products come with a pendrive storing a set of utility and driver software that you will need from the start. Artur “Mendi” Mendela, a valued expert in PC optimization for professional gamers and one of the most promising IT experts in Poland, will give you further assistance.