Actina and PACT are strengthening their partnership

In January 2019 PACT, a professional esport organization from Poland, together with its former named sponsor ACTINA, decided to continue and expand their partnership. According to the current arrangements, the team will now be playing under its new trademark – ACTINA PACT.

The new team identification is the pinnacle of the partner cooperation, which started on 3 August 2018. One of the key outcomes of that partnership was the development of ACTINA by PACT, a line of gaming PCs. This hardware is a good choice for weekend gaming fans and for professionals alike. All the models available in the Actina range are tested by PACT players.

‘When we started our partnership, we knew we had to distinguish ourselves from competitors. Following our market analysis and getting feedback from players, we created our Actina by Pact line of PCs. It meets users’ expectations in terms of performance, but also in terms of optimized prices. Based on the results, I can proudly say we have been a success. In such a short time, during the hottest season of November, Actina became the leader of sales in desktop PC category on the most popular shopping platform in Poland’, says Michał Miłkowski, Components Department and Actina Brand Director at Action S.A.

During the recent months of the PACT partnership, Actina brand PCs appeared at many events, including Poznań Game Arena, the largest industry expo event; free2play area of Actina’s proprietary stand at the Warsaw Games Show, or the finals of the Polish Esport League.

The last six months turned out to be very successful for PACT as well, culminating Champion of Poland title in Rainbow Six and a silver medal in ESL at CS:GO Season 17 Championship of Poland. The players made themselves visible in the international arena, too, particularly in the quarter-finals of Dreamhack Winter tournaments in Sweden, or the Cross Border Esports in Denmark. Not only has the organization developed its infrastructure but also strengthened its position on the domestic market as well, ranking fourth on the 2018 list of best Polish esport organizations, published by the Weszło Esport portal.

‘The launch of our partnership with Actina brand enabled us to excel as an organization. It gave us an opportunity to acquire two more teams, competing successfully in the European ZULA (Proleague), Rainbow Six (Challenger) matches. One of the key objectives for 2019 is to maintain the growth tendency across all the teams and to fight for top awards in Poland and globally. We are not slowing down, and we are working hard on implementing a League of Legends division and launching big innovative projects together with Actina. I cannot reveal any more details at the moment, but I can promise you more buzz about us soon’, says  Marcin Kurzawski, the owner of PACT.