Actina and XPG working together on a PC for gamers

We are really pleased to announce that we have launched a partnership with another popular brand: XPG. The effect of this partnership is the new ACTINA PC design for gamers, featuring perfectly adjusted subassemblies. The machine was presented at this year’s Intel Extreme Masters.

XPG (Xtreme Performance Gear) is a brand owned by ADATA, one of the global leaders in production of DRAM modules and mass storage. Its portfolio comprises hardware for gamers, professional e-sports people and hardware enthusiasts, specifically the fastest SSD drives on the market, or high performing RAM modules. Other interesting proposals include accessories developed in cooperation with gamers, such as on-ear and in-ear headphones, mechanical keyboards, mouse designs with dedicated pads.

‘Working together with the Actina brand on designing a PC for gamers is a very interesting experience and an opportunity to take part in an extraordinary project. The modules we used are perfectly matched with each other. This makes us even more happy about Actina choosing XPG brand solutions, such as SSD drives and RAM modules’, said Michał Orłowski from ADATA Technology. ‘Our primary goal in 2019 is to strongly pursue growth of these product categories; hence, we are not slowing down, and by setting up this partnership, we intend to further strengthen our leading position among SSD media vendors in Poland and to increase the share of our gaming RAM products on the market of PC modules’, he added.

‘We started working together with the XPG brand because we only go for verified solutions and technologies, capable of delivering unrivaled quality of the computers we offer, said Michał Miłkowski, Components Department and Actina Brand Director at Action S.A. ‘Our machines meet all users’ expectations in terms of performance, but also in terms of prices. This is primarily the result of the informed choices we make about all modules, our long experience and numerous successful partnerships. These have given us the leading position in sales of desktop computers on the most popular selling platform in Poland, he added.

Actina brand computers featuring XPG modules were presented at this year’s Intel Extreme Masters. They will also be present at many future gaming and e-sport events, including the Poznań Game Arena, the zone at a proprietary stand at the Warsaw Games Show, at Pixel Heaven, the finals of the Polish E-Sport League, the Good Game and Game Clash leagues.