Actina by PACT: gaming is in our blood

“Actina – tested by pro gamers”, a trademark slogan for our computers tested by PACT, is recognized by more and more people from the e-sport world. All this because of Actina hardware presence on consecutive industry events. PGA is already behind us; ahead of us, next weekend, there is the Warsaw Games Show and #PACTit CHALLENGE 3  LADIES.

PGA – Actina times five

Through the cooperation with Actina’s partners, the PCs offered by the brand were present at five stands: of Allegro, LG Electronics Polska, HyperX, IT Hardware, and Crytek, at the largest e-entertainment trade event in Poland (Poznań, 12-14 October).

‘We are always present wherever we can reach gamers with our hardware; as we know, this group is very large and diversified in Poland. We are guided by a single goal – to make people like us, with gaming in their blood, interested in our Actina products’, says Michał Miłkowski, Director of the Components Deparment and Actina Brand at Action S.A

This is the reason why Actina is so willing to work together with brands that appreciate this kind of strategy, and why its gamer hardware products are so unique. This is not just because they are tested by professionals, but also because every Actina line is configured for a different game engine type.

‘Based on the analyses we have carried out with gamers and with the PACT organization, we have developed appropriate product lines for specific game categories. It’s like cars. A line of sports cars will be dedicated to different driving and different pavements than a line of terrain vehicles. All this is done to give the best possible experience to drivers. We have the same intentions for gaming’, M. Miłkowski explains.

Warsaw Games Show – games are female

But PGA is not all. Actina takes one more step ahead, inviting all the interested visitors to the Warsaw Games Show. The upcoming edition of this video game and computer hardware trade fair will take place in Nadarzyn (26 – 28 October). Specifically, the next edition of #PACTit CHALLENGE is scheduled for Saturday, October 27th. Actina will be the event partner.

‘This year’s third edition is entitled #PACTit CHALLENGE 3  LADIES. Like the title indicates, it will be dedicated to women in e-sport. In addition to a tournament attended by ladies, a series of meetings with the women of e-sports will be held on stage on Saturday, under the LADIES TALK heading. Everyone is welcome, particularly the ladies who have gaming circulating in their veins, just like male gamers’, M. Miłkowski adds.