ACTINA House now open

ACTINA HOUSE is a new place on the e-sports and gaming map, already open for customers.

Just like we promised at the beginning of the year, with regard to closer cooperation with PACT, the range of our cooperation is now extended with the unique Gaming House.

The primary function of the place is for training camps. Any team that is interested will be free to rent our gaming house, yet it is ACTINA’s intention to offer space for growth to promising Polish teams and to female teams. Hence, we are planning for a series of projects that will offer ACTINA HOUSE practice opportunities to teams that would otherwise not be able to train in such an environment. Tournaments are also scheduled, and the finals will be played right at the location. All details about bootcamps and other projects concerning the new place will soon be published on ACTINA’s social media.

ACTINA HOUSE is located in Warsaw, and this choice of location is not random – in this way, contestants will be able to easily reach international tournaments right after their bootcamps. Another advantage is the accessibility of the place – you only need to take one bus to get from the railway station to ACTINA HOUSE.

‘The gaming house itself is a three-storey villa with a garden. On the ground floor, there is a kitchen and a resting corner, while the upper floors are home to gaming stations and bedrooms. The floor layout has been designed so that even two teams can practice in comfortable conditions at the same time, which is working quite well’, says Michał Miłkowski, Components Department and Actina Brand Director at Actina S.A.
‘This is a perfect place for people to focus and to work on their excellence. Our intention was to build a unique sports facility. Just like traditional sports people have their camps on sports facilities, e-sports contestants have their ACTINA HOUSE’, adds Marcin Kurzawski, the owner of PACT.

ACTINA HOUSE is getting to work on full speed as soon as it is announced. As of today, it will be used for training by Illuminar Gaming – the Champions of Poland in League of Legends and the winers of the Ultra League. Then, the CS:GO and ZULA divisions from ACTINA PACT will arrive at the new gaming house.

See some photos of the newly opened place below.