Actina in a partnership with Marina “Lova” Krylova

‘Today, the brand is more than just a string of text on the product and an advertising slogan. It is a certain lifestyle and emotion associated with the particular brand. To make it real, manufacturers launch partnerships with people who attract new fans with what they do, and strengthen the bonds among the existing ones. We want Marina to share her values with our customers, to show them that they should do what they enjoy in their lives. This is the mode of operation of Marina “Lova” Krylova. She is extremely energetic and fully professional in her job because gaming and e-sports are her passions, but at the same time she keeps her own personality. These are the values we would like to share with the fans of our Actina brand, by helping them not to give up on their hopes and dreams, and to persistently strive for their fulfillment’, Michał Miłkowski, Management Consultant in charge of Component Business and Actina PC Brand Development at ACTION S.A.

Since 2019, Marina has been supporting Polsat Games, where she was the lead reporter on e-sport leagues broadcast live, and the author/director of such shows as “Co JA Patche” or “Wszystko gra”, where she and her TV peer (Jędrzej Kupiec) talk about games, popular culture, and the impact of advanced technology with their guests, including celebrities.

‘I am really happy about the partnership project I engaged in with the Actina brand. I feel really honored about being chosen among many young, interesting people engaged in gaming and e-sports in Poland by the Actina team. I hope that together we will be able to prove to our present and future fans that “Actina and Marina are the same family”, supporting each other and sharing positive energy. We are heading for an adventure full of challenges, to which I would like to invite everyone who’s interested today’, says Marina “Lova” Krylova, in her position of New Media Specialist at ACTION S.A.

Marina “Lova” Krylova started her career in 2014 as a volunteer for PVP24 online newspaper in the program entitled “Rozwijamy polski esport” [We work on growth of e-sport in Poland]. Already then was she recognized as a bold, hardworking reporter, willing to interview Polish and international e-sport stars. Throughout her career, Marina “Lova” Krylova has also worked for international gaming and e-sport corporations such as Hitbox Polska (now as Smashcast), Fnatic and KINGUIN. She would engage her reporter and DJ talents in all of her jobs.