Actina PACT ranks best in the regional HLTV top list.

The global CS:GO rankings are now positive about the results of the Actina PACT team. Advancement to position 55 in the global HLTV list may seem to be a moderate achievement, but the facts are completely different.

In the context of Poland, this rank puts Actina PACT on the very top of our regional teams, ahead of such organizations as AGO or AVEZ. Actina PACT is also keeping its first rank in ESEA MDL, meaning that the guys are running at full speed.

Recently, a world class shooter minise joined the team and immediately became one of its foundations. He plays with confidence and is doing a great job, which is also shown by his ratings, only once dropping below 1.1 across the last 11 maps.

With such members and their integration, Actina PACT is looking better all the time in the international perspective, giving its supporters hope and enthusiasm. We are looking forward to the guys’ success in the future, though in fact I believe they are going to collect their wins even without our support.