Actina sponsors the K1CK team. Action S.A. extends cooperation with ESE

WARSAW, January 1st, 2021, Actina – a leading gaming hardware brand – joins the group of sponsors of the K1CK esports team. The League of Legends K1CK team plays in Ultraliga – a competition broadcast by the Polsat Games channel.

In 2020, the K1CK organization burst into the Polish and European League of Legends scene. Yellow-blacks not only won the runner-up in the spring edition of Ultralilga, but also advanced to the European Masters final. They confirmed their high form by reaching the Polish Championship in Alior Bank Ultraliga in the summer.

– From the moment of joining the Ultraliga, our team can be proud of its successes, also on the international arena. We are proud to welcome the next season with such a strong partner as Actina. We hope that thanks to the professional hardware support of Actina’s technological team, our game will be even better – says Pedro Fernandez, Manager of K1CK.

– Until now, Actina has been mainly associated with the Counter Strike Global Offensive scene and eSports events. Now we are expanding the field of our activity by establishing cooperation with the leading European League of Legends team. On the one hand, it is a great honor for us, and on the other, a very important step in building brand recognition not only in Poland, but above all abroad – comments Michał Miłkowski, Advisor to the Management Board for Business Development of Components and the Actina PC brand at Action S.A.

Actina has been involved in the activities of ESE from the very beginning of this organization’s operation on the Polish market. In July 2019, in Arena Gliwice, the best Polish Rocket League players competed with the official esports section of FC Barcelona. At the same time, during the Poznań Game Arena, ESE and Actina organized the international Rocket League tournament. In 2020, Actina was also present with such ESE ventures such as Rocketmania and E-AMPY.

– We are glad that we are not only expanding cooperation with a proven partner, but also opening up to new areas of activity together. The fact that ESE is an international company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange in Toronto (TSXV) opens up opportunities to promote gaming products that Action S.A. offers under the Actina brand. For us, it is a natural, next step in this fruitful cooperation – adds Jędrzej Stęszewski, Operations Director of ESE Europe.


Actina is a Polish brand of computer equipment, established in 2001, aimed at professional and enthusiastic players; thanks to cooperation with the world of esports and gaming, its popularity among users is growing. Actina also has equipment for business customers and home users, as well as workstations for graphics and streamers. The Actina brand belongs to ACTION S.A. – a company listed on the WSE since 2006 |

ESE is an international organization operating in the gaming, entertainment and technology industries. Our team consists of people experienced in the field of esports and gaming, sports marketing, organizing international events, media, market research and technology. | K1CK Esports Club is an esports organization operating since 1998. During its activity, over 100 world-class players, including Ricardo “fox” Pacheco and Carlos “ocelote” Santiago, played under the sign of the K1CK team. The current stars of the team include League of Legends player Łukasz “Puki Style” Zygmunciak and FIFA player João “JOliveira10” Oliveira. |