AMD’s plans for the near future

Barron’s published an interview with Lisa Su, head of Advanced Micro Devices. What we read there is that AMD is not going to give up on the fastest video cards segment (where they have recently been seriously beaten up by the top Pascals (GTX 10xx), not to mention the latest RTX models), yet they are focusing on building powerful long-term solutions for their CPU and GPU products. What they mean exactly is not yet known.

What we know for sure is that we can expect Vega line products soon, designed for data centers, sized 7 nm; as far as desktop computers are concerned, we are now waiting for the Navi line of cards, which is probably not going to threaten Nvidia’s products in terms of performance. The Arcturus series is intended to mark a return to AMD’s highest performing video cards segment, but for this we will have to wait until 2020.