Actina SPC

The Actina SPC line is an answer to PC fans’ sweetest dreams of an attractive, high performing machine. For this line, we have chosen RGB illumination and glass panels for you to look at their beauty.

In the strongest version, there is the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 and the RX 5700 XT from ASUS StriX line. This is the topmost line from that OEM, bringing with it an excellent working culture and a very interesting appearance.

As you can see, our Actina SPC line flagship has been installed in the SilentiumPC Astrum AT6V EVO TG case, with a set of illuminated fans and a USB-C slot on the front panel, right next to the on/off switch.

With this, you are given the comfort to use your future VR equipment. After all, a PC is an investment for years, and a single case can survive a few configurations, as long as it is well integrated and structured. This one is.

Therefore, we fitted the MSI B550M MORTAR motherboard in this system, capable of supporting the USB-C at the front. Besides, it is a really solid design in itself. AMD Ryzen 5 3600 is a zero-effort challenge for it; it will even handle 12-core processors, as long as you provide good cooling to the power compartment.

While we’re at power supply, we don’t accept anything less than SilentiumPC Vero L3, considered by reviewers as an above-satisfactory solution. Moreover, specimens from the earlier product line are still in use in our customers’ computers and do not cause any particular trouble, even though some time has already passed since the first Vero L2 was sold.

We did not have any particular problems with processor cooling, as we chose the verified SilentiumPC Fortis 3 EVO ARGB. We leave water-based solutions for the future, they are not needed for 6 cores.

In the higher ranges, you will find stuff like GOLD certificates, plug-in cables and higher performance ratings. Better invest in the upgrading process, because our machines are delivered without warranty seals. You can replace any components and retain the 3-year warranty for the rest, unless you cause some mechanical damage.

Still, you will have to wait a moment for the elite SPC series because we are a bit limited in our mass selling options because of new graphic card availability issues. We prefer to offer our products as they are than to keep you waiting a month for your purchase order to complete, keeping your cash in our account.

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