Our PC Custom line is dedicated to special orders, originating from our customers’ ideas. Demonstration computers, with liquid cooling systems built from scratch, mounted in eccentric cases, are common for the people engaged in Actina PC Custom.

You imagine a PC for yourself and we try to make your dream come true; your imagination and, of course, your money set the limits. When building these machines, we use our earlier experience and we are able to create more and more shocking configurations with every next machine.

At such trade events as IEM or PGA, you will often meet those of our flagship projects as the Project Orange, built on Thermaltake components. The bent Core P3 version is one of the best towers for building such complex systems, as it gives you a lot of freedom in assembling and distribution of tubing.

We have built a demo PC for AMD and Cooler Master, used for presenting the power potential of desktop workstations.

We also work with online artists to whom we deliver water cooling systems as well.

Personalizacja obudowa komputera gamingowego jaką możecie zamówić u nas.

eXtreme FORCE i9-10900KF 32GB 3600MHz RTX 3090 24G

eXtreme FORCE i7-10700KF 32GB DDR4-3600 RTX 3080 850W OPEN FRAME CUSTOM LC

 eXtreme FORCE i9-10900KF 32GB DDR4-3600 RTX 3080 850W

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