End of CEBIT computer expo

Deutche Messe AG, which used to be responsible for its organization, has just announced its withdrawal from one of the largest technology expo projects in Europe. Even though the previous editions were markedly deteriorating, it was still possible to choose an earlier, more revolutionary redesign (than that of 2018) in order to attract more exhibitors and visitors, as it was the decreasing number of the latter that finally marked the end of CeBIT. The organizers intend to ‘divert’ the exhibitors to a different event held in Hannover, i.e. to the Hannover Messe, with less focus on the exhibition and more on discussions and speeches about contemporary technology achievements (including AI, robotics, IoT), covering such matters as the co-existence of these technologies.

The conclusion is that anyone in need of an update of IT/AV sector premieres and innovations will have to go to Taiwan to take part in the Computex event (it will next be held from 28 May to 1 June 2019), or to the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (8-12 January 2019). There are still a few events of this type left in Europe, of which the most popular is the Berlin IFA (6-11 September 2019), but there is not so much orientation on the areas of interest mentioned above: Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (25-28 February next year), or the Amsterdam ISE event (5-8 February 2019), though these are also going to move to the south of Europe soon.