The 28th Final of WOŚP, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, is coming up next Sunday. You can help this noble purpose in lots and lots of ways. You can donate cash in the volunteers’ boxes, or bid for such collector items as a replica of Olga Tokarczuk’s Nobel Prize medal, Franz Maurer’s leather jacket from the Psy movie, or a dinner with celebrities. Gamers can support WOŚP during the annual live transmission provided by “Ja, Rock” with a group of famous Polish YouTubers and streamers. ACTINA is the action partner and the event will be streamed on that company’s gaming PCs.

Wherever there is a need for a heart and for good people, our team will be. This year, Actina is actively helping WOŚP, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, again. We send our great applause to everyone who decided to help Jurek Owsiak’s noble cause, and to everyone who is willing to help others. Actina computers play for the Orchestra by the end of the world and one more day. Let’s get a second wind and commit ourselves to helping others today, says Michał Miłkowski, Management Representative responsible for the ACTINA brand.

The streaming started on Thursday, 9 January, 18:00, and is scheduled to end at 24:00 on Sunday. At noon Saturday, the broadcast will go offline, and all the influencers will meet in a special studio to play together and to collect funds for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

The “Ja, Rock” campaign participants will include numerous celebrities from the world of gaming, including Rock, Kromka, Bonkol, Niklaus, or Brunecia. An esport team from will also appear in the stream as guests. During the streaming, there will be auctions of hardware and games offered by the event partners. All the collected funds will be dedicated to purchases of medical equipment for saving children’s lives through the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.