Kinguin Esport Lounge

Actina computers at Kinguin Esport Lounge

The gaming computers from Actina driving the Kinguin Esport Lounge at Metropolia mall, Gdańsk.

Interested in esport, like to crash a site with your friends, and happen to live around Gdańsk? If so, you can experience the performance of our computers live at Kinguin Esport Lounge.

One of the goals of the ‘Penguins’ initiative at Galeria Metropolia is to give you the best gaming hardware there is, so that you can get the feel of how professionals compete.

We built 74 stations with Actina Powered By ASUS machines to meet and exceed this challenge. The machines built in coordination with ASUS Poland offer shocking performance with esport titles and a thrilling appearance, too. After all, the appearance had to be in line with the overall character of the Lounge.

The Arena has four boot camps, similar to those used by leading esport teams. You can count on further attractions such as tournaments with rewards, celebrity practice, and more.

Kinguin Esports Lounge is also intended as a meeting spot, so certain practical aspects were taken care of, such as lockers for keeping backpacks or scooters. The event couldn’t go without a special kids’ zone and food service facilities. If any of our Actina Powered by ASUS computers won your heart and you would like to have it, use the contact form to talk to us. We will design a gaming machine tailored to your needs, on the basis of world class components!