PGA 2019

One of the largest esport events in Poland, the Poznań Game Arena, is already over, and Actina, a gaming brand in ACTION S.A.’s portfolio, was the official technology partner.

According to the data received from the organizers, attendance was record breaking during this year’s edition of the digital entertainment trade event (18-20 October). Overall, the event attracted more than 79,000 visitors in three days. Actina as the technology partner has also strongly broadened its presence, compared to the previous editions.

Actina in the independent presenters and authors zone.

The brand was present at more than 12 stands altogether, to which we provided a total of nearly 250 PC units with the Actina logo. It means that our computers were used for over 6,500 hours of play.

Visitors were able to test our hardware at two proprietary stands. The first of these was the LG Actina AMD, and these brands were further accompanied by WD_BLACK, AVERMEDIA, MSI. This area offered an opportunity to play on ESCAPE FROM TARKOV. The other stand was Actina, where you could see such brands as L’Oreal, AMD, Trust and BeQuiet!, and play Chernobylite, the new child of FARM51 producers. In addition, our PC units could be tested at our partners’ stands and on the main stage of the event.

– We also had the pleasure to support the Indie Games zone with our hardware. It was a space for independent game developers, frequented by visitors. They were given an opportunity to try themselves with innovative titles and to give immediate feedback to the authors’, says Michał Miłkowski, Management Representative responsible for Component Business Development and PC Actina brand at ACTION S.A.

Actina in support of Polish esport

PGA is not just a trade event dedicated to gaming, but also numerous esport tournaments. Actina with partners organized a few of these.

PACTit CHALLENGE LADIES – the fifth edition of the tournament organized by Actina PACT. It was the third edition for women, according to Actina and PACT’s joint strategy oriented towards the growth of women’s esport. The record high cash rewards amounted to PLN 10,000. Two organizations supported by Actina PACT appeared in the tournament finals: Team Saiprah and Warriors Team Female.

The Warriors Team won a PLN 3,500 reward. Team Saiprah received a PLN 2,000 check for coming second.

ACTINA ROCKETMANIA – a Rocket League tournament, with the participation of the best Polish and international teams, and a game that keeps rising in popularity.

Two esport organizations co-organized the tournament: Actina PACT and ESEgg – the latter team’s players are also wearing the Actina logo on their T-shirts.

Out of the eight teams (four invited, four successful in the initial rounds), ESEgg players won a silver medal and Actina PACT received the bronze one.

ASSETTO CUP – a tournament for visitors, organized in coordination with Thrustmaster. There were five elimination rounds and a grand final. The winner got a professional system from Thrustmaster.

Moreover, Actina became the partner of Poland’s official representation and its stand was the place of competition for joining the National Esport Team at Tekken 7 and PES 2020. At stake in these matches was the opportunity to represent Poland at the upcoming 11th Esports World Championship in Seoul, Korea.

PGA covered by leading TV stations

On Saturday morning, right from Actina’s stand, there was a live broadcast for TVP’s “Pytanie na śniadanie” morning TV show. Both our stand and the PACTit Challenge Ladies tournament was very attractive for TVN24, where we had a coverage of the stand and interviews with the women’s tournament managers.

Actina in Poznań, Actina PACT CS:GO division in Prague

Finally, it is worth noting that Warriors Team male, another one of the teams supported by Actina brand male, won the Light Cup.

– At the PGE, we were only missing the CS:GO Actina PACT male team, as they were competing in an international tournament in Prague at that time, to finally win a silver medal’, adds Marcin Kurzewski, the owner of PACT.