SkillFactor - train with the stars

SkillFactor is a unique tournament that will give young talents a chance to appear on the professional esports scene.
The action will be attended by: Janusz Snax Pogorzelski, Paweł innocent Mocek, Grzegorz Szpero Dziamałek and Paweł Saju Pawelczak.
SkillFactor’s mission is to find young talents and enable them to appear on the Polish CS: GO scene using the knowledge provided by experts.
The action will be attended by 4 coaches who are professional CS: GO players from the Polish top: Janusz “Snax” Pogorzelski, Paweł “innocent” Mocek, Grzegorz “Szpero” Dziamałek and Paweł “Saju” Pawelczak.
During the project, qualifications for each team led by individual coaches will be carried out, and it will be possible to sign up via the website.

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After passing the qualifications, the teams will train under the supervision of professionals and finally face the grand final.
“This is a very interesting and important initiative for the Polish scene – many players are predisposed to play at a professional level and are just waiting to be discovered. This type of event is not only an interesting show and a new formula for esports, but also a unique opportunity to train together with your idol and make your dreams come true “- says Michał Miłkowski, Head of the Component Department & PC ACTION S.A.
“Our goal is not only to give viewers the excitement of watching the competition, but to contribute to the development of the young generation of CS: GO players. I believe that everyone can make their dreams come true,” recalls Daniel Piątek, President of VYRAL.

The partners and sponsors of the project are ACTINA,, HP Omen, ASUS and AMD.
During the event, they will prepare special promotions for peripherals, gaming computers and components that will be available on the SkillFactor website. The event is organized by the VYRAL marketing agency.