Four new games on the list of titles that support DLSS

Warsaw, 16 December 2020. – NVIDIA announced today that 4 new games will get NVIDIA DLSS support and therefore, there will be a major increase of frames per second and a detailed, sharp image rendering. These games complement the main December premieres, namely Minecraft with RTX effects, out of beta today, and Cyberpunk 2077, started out on 10 December.

New games with DLSS support in December

The following games will now be supporting DLSS in December CRSED: F.O.AD. (formerly Cuisine Royale; 3 December), Moonlight Blade (7 December), Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord (available in December, but the exact date has not yet been specified) and Scavengers (currently available in its game testing mode), and thus the list now contains 30 titles.

Enabled DLSS adds significantly more performance to:

  • DLSS boosts performance by even 40% in CRSED: F.O.A.D., meaning that you can get over 90 fps at 4K quality on every GeForce RTX graphics card.
  • DLSS can double Moonlight Blade performance, meaning that you can get more than 60 fps at 4K quality on every GeForce RTX card.
  • DLSS boosts performance by even 50% in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, meaning that you can get over 60 fps at 4K quality on every GeForce RTX graphics card.
  • DLSS boosts performance by even 40% in Bannerlord, meaning that you can get over 60 fps at 4K quality on every GeForce RTX series 30 graphics card.

Minecraft with official RTX effects support

Today, Minecraft with RTX effects in its Windows 10 version is officially out of beta phase.

Minecraft with RTX effects supports NVIDIA DLSS and path tracing, so that all game light is ray traced. Players get improved graphics through a special texture pack from Physically Based Rendering, integrated with the ray tracing effects. With DLSS enabled, you can sometimes double the FPS rate!

To celebrate today’s premiere, NVIDIA will present 2 new worlds in the game, which gives the total number of official RTX maps for Minecraft at 15. The Colosseum map is already available today, and the Dungeon Dash is coming soon.

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Performance testing in Minecraft RTX

Want to compare your results with other players? Check out the benchmark embedded in the Portal Pioneers RTX world, available from the Minecraft Market. The benchmark is user-friendly. Testing takes about 60 seconds.

Night City in Cyberpunk 2077 glowing with DLSS and ray tracing

Cyberpunk 2077 is also launching this week; in its PC version, it is supported by a series of graphics enhancements, such as ray-traced shadows, reflections, diffuse illumination, global illumination, ambient occlusion, and NVIDIA DLSS.

Ray tracing produces realistic rendering, making Cyberpunk 2077 look absolutely fabulous. DLSS is an unmatched function for high performance play with ray tracing enabled, higher FPS rate, detailed and sharp rendering.

With the realistic shadows, illumination, and the added performance from NVIDIA DLSS, no other platform can offer experience comparable to Cyberpunk 2077 running on a PC with a GeForce RTX on board.

DLSS changing the rules of the game

DLSS, supported by dedicated AI Accelerator Tensor Processing Units in GeForce RTX graphics cards, accelerates performance in 30 games already, by strongly improving the FPS rate, giving gamers higher gameplay quality at peak resolution, with ray tracing effects.