How are computer games helpful with social isolation? We have the first research results!

When we look at a typical representation of a gamer in mass media, we could get an impression that being quarantined is not much of a problem for these people. After all, they should be enthusiastic about being locked up in a basement with a stack of games and a multipack of energy drinks.

But Try Evidence did not get carried away by the world view derived from memes, and they decided to verify whether the stereotype will be valid with the burden of the actual quarantine. The findings were certainly interesting.

Only 15% of all gamers are feeling better in the pandemic environment.

Being stuck at a PC or console for long hours can be bad for your conscience, particularly with the beautiful spring weather outside. The pandemic has completely eliminated this option, while the benefits of social distancing and saving lives by staying home were broadly promoted.

It might seem that most gamers should be energized by this kind of message, and get rid of any scruples. But it turns out that only 15% of a group of 870 (773 male and 97 female respondents) feel any kind of relief.

The conclusion is that 85% of the surveyed individuals would rather quit the digital entertainment and get out into the deep forest of reality.

But this is not actually possible, considering the restrictions in force; hence, the market of computer games is experiencing enormous growth of popularity. Research shows that the proportion of the population playing games every day increased from 42% to 63%. People would usually play for 2-4 hours a day, although there are some who indulge in 8-hour sessions.

Still the most shocking finding is that most of the surveyed population (51%) do not believe online games are a good alternative for social meetings. cRPG, action games and shooter games are the most popular. Research details with easy-to-read diagrams can be found on Try Evidence website. There is no brief, concise answer to the question about how video games help people survive in isolation.