New drivers from Nvidia and AMD

As it usually happens around new game premiere dates, graphics system producers release updated drivers. This time, we are seeing the premiere of the latest Mortal Kombat XI release, which already has a review published on, yet the driver adjustments are more extensive than that.

Let’s start from the beginning:

  • New AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.4.3 adding support of the above mentioned game, and a small patch to AMD Link utility. The drivers are dated 22 April, they take 326MB of space and are available for download here: or, for Win10 64bit, from our ftp server.
  • New GeForce drivers with release number 430.39 not only support the new MK XI but also introduce some patches for Strange Brigade and Anthem; also, the list of supported video cards now contains the latest GTX 1650. There are also 7 more items on the list of monitors tested as G-Sync Compatible – including the latest Gigabyte Aorus, which we will be testing soon and present the results on our website and on . A complete list of modifications is presented here. The drivers are dated 23 April, they take 537MB of space (!) and can be downloaded from the Nvidia website or, for Win10 x64, from our ftp server.

Oh, and I cannot disregard one more innovation in the Nvidia drivers – they will be working in the upcoming Windows 10 May Update (19H1 aka 1903), of which we still don’t know anything for certain, perhaps except that it was scheduled for launch in March…