One mission complete, the other is still ahead of us

Warsaw, 28 December 2020 – Actina and PACT are briefly summarizing the two-and-a-half-year period of their close partnership, and announcing a new format for that partnership coming in 2021.

The primary goal of the agreement, originally signed in mid-2019, was to promote the new ACTINA PC brand in the gaming/esports sector. The agreement covered the partnership with PACT as an esport organization as well as the organization’s president and founder – Marcin Kurzawski, in his expert and consultant capacity.

‘Something is ending. Something else is starting. When I started working with Actina in mid-2019, I had one specific goal in mind: to make ACTINA’s gaming PCs the number 1 in Poland. I believe this mission is accomplished and the job is well done. Now it’s time for new challenges, even though we are still going to work together with the Actina Team on such projects as the greatly expanding Polish Esport Cup’, Marcin Kurzawski adds.

During these 2 and a half years, Actina PC transformed from a practically new brand into a leader of the Polish market. Its PCs appeared at most events in Poland, including such major ones as the Good Game League or Games Clash. There was also a lot of emphasis on investing in esports development in Poland. For example, some smaller initiatives are supported under the #wspieramylany program, or the Polish Team. Actina brand would’t miss the largest trading & expo events such as Intel Extreme Masters or Poznań Gaming Arena. A perfect addition to that was a close partnership with PACT, one of the leading esports organizations in Poland, with Actina as a named partner. Another area of cooperation was the project known as POLISH ESPORT CUP. This is a very broad project, implemented together with such operators as or

‘We have now been doing some really hard work together for two and a half years, with many people committed to present and advertise our ACTINA brand solutions and to make our product unique in terms of performance and design; through this partnership, the product became visible in gaming and esport circles in Poland. Owing to the partnership with PACT, all our gaming solutions were tested in real esport battle, and the suggestions we received as feedback about configuration changes were implemented to make our machines even better, We placed our bets on a perfect synergy of the professional user such as an esports player and the manufacturer. We’ve learned our lessons and it gave us some serious comeptitive advantage, for which we would like to thank the entire PACT organization. There are now some more goals ahead of us, which I believe will enable our brand to advance forward and to gain recognition from more and more gamers’, adds Michał Miłkowski, Management Representative responsible for Component Business Development and Actina PC brand at ACTION S.A.

While they were planning their activity for 2021, the partners agreed it would be good for Actina to diversify its esports activities at its current development phase. Named partnership with PACT will therefore terminate, to give way to a lot of different projects.

However, the two brands agreed to commit to the next editions of the Polish Esport Cup in 2021, as the two previous seasons turned out to be a great success. Other joint products targeted at both partners’ players will probably be developed as well.

We will keep you updated of our next projects. Keep your gaming fingers crossed for us!


Actina – a Polish hardware brand, created in 2001 and designed for corporate clients as well as home users, covering gaming PCs (ACTINA gaming), graphics and streaming workstations; in 2006, the brand presented its Actina Solar line of servers used in SMB solutions and dedicated to institutions requiring huge computing power (CERN). Actina brand is the property of ACTION S.A., listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2006.