The cryptocurrency miner from Sapphire has 10 x RX 5700XT!

Warsaw, February 1, 2021 – Sapphire is trying to reconcile players and cryptocurrency miners by launching the INCA EP-10 on the market.

When we think about cryptocurrency miners, we imagine steel racks densely planted with consumer graphic cards, which are blown, additionally, from the top by free located fans.

On the second floor of such an installation there is a large power supply and a basic motherboard with a low-performance processor.

The Sapphire INCA EP-10 raises the home implementation to a professional level, providing a solution compatible with rack cabinets, which has until 10 RX 5700XT class graphic cards inside and an 8-core, 16-thread AMD EPYC 3251 processor, which consumes only 55 W.

The board will also fit four memory chips, four 2.5 or 3.5 inches drives, four power supplies and 6 fans mounted on Quick-Connect.

It is also worth mentioning the COM port, two RJ-45 and 4 USB 3.0 for full peripheral support for such a server.

In addition to the improved format, Sapphire also offers technology typical for the professional environment, in which there is a lot of security systems.

For example, the power supplies operate in a 2 + 1 arrangement, where one is operating as backup. There is also an option to add a second backup, but straight from the box we have the above-mentioned system.

As I mentioned, we also have fans on Quick-Connect, which makes it much easier to remove them for cleaning. The motherboard, on the other hand, is a “self-assembly” that easily comes out on its tray, so improving it over time will be very easy.

Graphic cards in INCA EP-10 are GPRO X070, which are based on the already mentioned RX 5700XT chip. Like him, they have 8 GB of GDDR5 memory, although they are passively cooled. Behind this change is the optimization of the power consumption, which has led to a consumption of around 220 W per unit.

You can learn more about the Sapphire INCA EP-10 specification on the manufacturer’s official website. The equipment will go on sale in mid-February.


Sapphire INCA EP-10 is a good option for people who want to establish a professional cryptocurrency mine at this point, because you can immediately have 10 sensible graphic cards in the package for this application. According to the manufacturer’s estimates, the cost of the Sapphire INCA EP-10 should pay off within 6-7 months, although knowing the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, I would not be tempted to make such bold estimates.