The International Esports Championship is now in full throttle!

At the night of 11/12 December, the 11th The International Esports Championship in Seoul opened, with our national representation playing. At the moment, we are doing very well and we are climbing up above other groups for the play-offs.

At Tekken 7, there is still one more match ahead in the final third round of the group level, in which Adrian “FRIZEN” Szydłowski will square up to a representative of Costa Rica. Generally, 34 countries played in this popular beat ‘em up game contest phase, divided into groups A-H, with Poland in group A.

At PES 2020, Michał “MisiekLFC” Perus opens group H with three points. He still has to wrestle with Tunisia, Philippines and North Macedonia. He already won 3:2 over Thailand and his next encounter is with Tunesia which, on the other hand, beat North Macedonia.

So we’re up to a lot of soccer emotions, which you can view on our actina_pl channel or on the official iesf_tv stream, which we are hosting today.

For the time being, the bootcamps developed among others with ACTINA’s technology support have turned out to be effective, and the representatives of Poland are well framed to play in the international field.

MisiekLFC and FRIZEN triumphed in the qualification tournaments for the National Esports Team at PGA 2019, and their good start in Seoul shows that they were not wasting time during the recent weeks.

The awards ceremony is scheduled for Saturday. The awards pool is US$25,000, which is a nice sum of money. Let’s hope MisiekLFC and FRIZEN will bring back new experience as well as cash prizes.

What are your predictions about our players? Are they still going to edge forward, or will they lose with some stronger peers around the play-offs?