The new king of video card performance

The new king wears green…

Nvidia has just presented its latest and fastest video card, officially designed for software, visualization or 3D project development professionals, but it will probably work fine with games, too :-). However, the price of the new Titan RTS can be paralyzing even for the most enthusiastic gamers: the product was priced at… US$2499, or PLN 11,700 in Poland.

What do we get for that price? A true monster, which takes 280W of power, packed into a cast aluminum case, with vapor chamber cooling, 2 silent (as the vendor assures) fans, 24GB GDDR6 RAM working with 384-bit bus, 4602 CUDA cores, 288 texturing units, 96 rasterization units, 576 Tensor cores and 72 ray trace (RT) cores. Titan RTX clocks work at 1365/1770MHz, theoretical output: ca. 16 Tera FLOPs. Speaking briefly, it means that a card generally built on the same system (TU 102) as the RTX 2080Ti will be approx. 50% faster than the latter, naturally depending on the application. And 2.5 times more expensive. Those interested in the purchase will probably have to wait by the end of the month.