The October update for Windows 10

I was intentionally withholding a publication of the information about the available Windows 10 October update, as I was expecting certain problems. In just a few days, the most important of these were revealed. But let’s put the facts in order: the update identified as 1809 appeared on Microsoft servers on 2 October, and was taken off the page 5 days later. Fortunately, it was not broadly distributed as a patch downloaded from Windows Update.

The reason for its removal were some problems discovered, causing files to be deleted from user folders during the update process. The problem affected My documents folder, among others. Moreover, certain issues were observed with the updates on systems with Intel Audio driver (here, the old driver was at fault, and the problem did not occur with a new one). From my own observations, I found an issue with the update for example on Windows 7, where the October patch generated a blue screen.

So, the latest Win10 version is still the 1803, and I will certainly communicate the emergence of a new corrected 1809 in a dedicated news piece. I would also like to communicate that all the brand new ACTINA PCs have the system installed in its 1803 release, and the 1809 will be available when full tested.