The PC optimization master in the ACTINA stable

Artur “mendi” Mendela is a recognizable personality in the world of e-sport. He is a former contestant of GKS Tychy representation in e-sport and of Pompa Team, a streamer, and now a PC optimization expert, with implementations for many Polish and global e-sport stars in his portfolio. The clients for his services include Jarosław pasha Jarząbkowski, one of the most recognizable CS: GO players worldwide, and Michał “snatchie” Rudzki, member of the Sprout team where he won the Masters of Germany title in a tournament organized by ESL, as well as Mateusz “PAGO” Pągowski, one of the leading Polish streamers.

‘Work with Artur will enable us to implement our professional knowledge and experience in practice, and to translate it into a proposal for every gamer. Every detail counts in e-sport. Optimized hardware performance can be a decisive factor of victory or failure. With the information we receive through ACTINA’s involvement in e-sport, particularly by our sponsorship of ACTINA PACT team, supporting tournaments and our newly launched cooperation with Artur, we can perfect our service proposal and develop superior quality hardware’, says Michał Miłkowski, Management Consultant in charge of Component Business and Actina PC Brand Development at ACTION S.A.

With the engagement of a PC optimization expert, performance of the PCs in the brand range can be optimized as well. Gamers who are interested in buying a PC will be able to choose lower performing machines as well, because they will be able to support more demanding games after optimization implemented in coordination with Artur “mendi” Mendela.

‘Hardware optimization for purposes of computer games is not a very popular profession. Yet my interest in the field and the efficiency of the solutions I implement helped me develop this passion. With positive customer recommendations, I was soon able to work for such e-sport celebrities as pasha or snatchie. I really hope that through our joint effort, we will be able to build a great proposal for gamers for an affordable price, which is obviously an important aspect, too’, says Artur “mendi” Mendela. We will soon know more about the initial outcomes of this partnership. ACTINA intends to engage the new brand ambassador in the work on the second release of ACTINA by PACT 2.0 PCs; with the combination of professional e-sport people’s experience and Artur’s knowledge, this line stands a good chance of success like that of its predecessors.