The perspectives for the market of motherboards and video cards

This news, like the previous one, is slightly analytic in tone.

As reported by Digitimes, the perspectives for motherboard vendors for the next half year are rather grim in terms of sales or profits. Asus, Gigabyte and other manufacturers of PC modules recorded a significant increase of motherboard and video card stocks during Q3. The reason behind this is the decreasing popularity of cryptos, the customs issue between the United States and China, which I was discussing earlier, and the officially confirmed reduction of CPU supply by Intel, followed by a decrease of sales. Nvidia further confirmed that its partners have so many mid-priced GPU modules that they were going to strongly cut the supply of GTX 1060 in the upcoming quarter of year. This is not good news for those who were expecting early arrival of the RTX 2060, as it is probably not going to happen soon.

What is the real meaning of this information for consumers? It is hard to predict the market response; mid-range products can easily become cheaper because of their high supply, but it is equally possible that the prices will significantly increase, if vendors decide to raise the prices of their modules to keep up their returns.

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