1. This ACTION S.A. warranty is provided for an ACTINA brand PC unit purchased in Poland and is only valid in the territory of the Republic of Poland.
  2. The main unit delivered to Servicing should have a legible computer serial number. An illegible serial number, rendering the hardware unidentifiable, will void the warranty.
  3. Any replacement of installation of additional components in the computer by the user will change the unit’s electrical ratings and therefore, the CE mark will be voided.
  4. ACTION S.A. warrants fault-free operation of the unit for which this warranty card has been issued, provided that the machine will be used as intended, in accordance with the technical and operating requirements specified in the instruction manual.
  5. The warranty card is valid if issued on the original form and filled with the following information: equipment identification, model, serial number, date of purchase, seller’s stamp and signature, buyer’s signature, identification and number of the proof of purchase. Any unauthorized deletions or corrections will void the warranty.
  6. ACTION S.A. gives its warranty for a period of 36 months, starting with the unit sale date, however not exceeding 30 months from the date of manufacture. Warranty entitlements can be exercised upon presenting a valid warranty card with a proof of purchase and verification of consistency of what is written in the warranty card with the actual conditions.
  7. Any faults revealed during the warranty period will be repaired by ACTION S.A. free of charge, in the shortest possible time, in any case not exceeding:
    • 14 working days from the date of accepting the unit for service; or
    • 21 working days if any parts need to be imported from abroad.
  8. A computer will be accepted for servicing by ACTION S.A. provided that a written description of the fault is attached to the unit being returned, or notified to RMA via i-servis. If an RMA number is issued, it should be placed in a prominent location on the package.
  9. The machine should be delivered to an authorized servicing station or presented for shipping in the original factory packaging. If the original package is missing, the Complainant will be responsible for any risk of damage to the equipment in transport.
  10. The customer shall assess the condition of the package when picking up the shipment. If any damage is found in the package (carton damage or dent, flooding, tape damage, etc.), or any mechanical damage is found in the unit, the customer is required to produce a loss report together with the shipping agent’s representative, and to notify the service station immediately.
  11. Warranty liability shall extend only to defects occurring due to reasons inherent in the product sold and delivered. The warranty does not cover external damage, such as:
    • mechanical damage, contamination by weather, flooding, damage in transport,
    • amage caused by use of unacceptable consumables (such as bands or cleaning media), or by non-fulfillment of the technical and operating requirements specified in the operating manual.
  12. The warranty does not cover activities constituting normal use, such as cleaning or maintenance.
  13. The warranty process does not cover any software repairs (such as operating system reinstallation) or virus removal.
  14. The complaint procedure does not apply to hardware or software installation, or to maintenance.
  15.  The warranty does not cover claims of inconsistency of actual performance with the computer specifications.
  16. The computer manufacturer is not liable for any malfunction of the machine as a consequence of any modification of driver software or BIOS by the user.
  17. The buyer’s warranty rights will be voided if any unauthorized repairs or structural alterations are discovered. The warranty does not apply when the machine is used for commercial purposes or not as intended.
  18.  If any internal PC components are damaged, the guarantor reserves the right to replace the damaged part with an element of a different brand, with at least similar performance characteristics.
  19. When a defective component is replaced with a good one, the warranty period for the new component extends the original warranty period for the product, at least 12 months after the date of replacement.
  20. ACTION S.A. will not be responsible for timely performance of warranty repairs if the operations of its service network are interrupted by unforeseen force majeure occurrences.
  21. ACTION S.A. will not be responsible for any loss or damage occurring as a consequence of the disputed computer being rendered useless.
  22. ACTION S.A. is not responsible for any data that may be lost as a consequence of servicing operations. (We recommend to back up your system regularly).
  23. If a claim is found unreasonable, the claimant covers the costs of transport and testing.
  24. If an optical drive is damaged by an inserted CD/DVD with a mechanical defect or unfit for the nominal drive speed, such a drive will not be covered by warranty. The buyer covers the cost of transport in case of paid repair.
  25. ACTION S.A. is not responsible for any malfunction of hardware with software that does not meet the legal characteristics. By presenting any hardware for repair, the buyer represents that they have the requisite rights to use the installed software and they are aware of the legal consequences of copyright infringements.
  26. Any software supplied together with the computer is subject to the license agreement of its respective manufacturer, and by opening a sealed package, the customer confirms their acceptance of these conditions. An open software package cannot be returned.
  27. These Warranty Terms include all the Guarantor’s warranty obligations and the Claimant’s warranty rights. This warranty does not exclude, limit or suspend the buyer’s entitlements on the ground of goods nonconformity with the contract.