We have built an expo PC for AMD and Cooler Master. See how it worked out!

Building PCs for presentation purposes is our daily work. We are perfectly aware of what is shocking about these machines, and this time we took up an AMD and Cooler Master setup.

Naturally, the lead colors were red, black and silver. The Cooler Master Cosmos C700M tower was a great match for this objective, and it offered a lot of space inside for a proprietary cooling system, designed and formed by Konrad, an expert member of our team.

But before I proceed to more details about this €2000 custom loop, I would like to present a summary of this beast’s specifications, because there is some flagship performance here.

Our demonstration configuration was based on a limited ASRock X570 Aqua motherboard with an integrated water block for the power compartment. With this arrangement, its temperature nevere exceeded the 50°C threshold, even under full AMD Ryzen 9 3950X load. This 16-core PCU can easily take more than 200W of power.

Together with Radeonem VII from Sapphire, with its 16GB HBM2, you get a perfect illustration of the best AMD can offer to consumers in its product range; hence, both these components were launched as well. The blocks from EK and the distro plate from Phanteks added some extra splendor to this PC and enabled users to bring about the full potential of components.

Speedy communication with operative memory is essential for every CPU, and certainly for those from AMD. We decided to add a bit of crazy here in our expo PC with the golden G.SKILL Trident Z Royal RGB RAM sticks, 3600MHz, CL16. The four sticks, 16 GB each, will be a great arena for RAM OC.

Such an elite PC could not do without speedy SSDs. Here, we chose two Patriot Viper VP4100 1 TB, with the superfast PCIe 4.0 standard. You can arrange these into a RAID array to get write speeds above 8500 MB/s, and all this is only available on an AMD platform.

Cooler Master MasterWatt Maker 1200 W is the power supply for this power consuming PC, with its 80+ Titanium performance certificate. It is one of the best components of this type available, and in this setup it offers assurance and stability for years of demonstration.

Case and custom loop

Cooler Master Cosmos C700M is a PC case for enthusiasts, with no room for compromise. USB-C at the front, ARGB, or lots of space for drives – that’s one thing. Another thing, which makes me much more satisfied, is the ability to rearrange the inside.

Reversing the motherboard socket and a vertical position of the graphics card, for which a raiser comes with the delivery, offers some added potential for creating an interesting build.

The Cosmos itself is huge, too, which gives it some added courage. The top is made of brushed aluminum, with artistic irregular punches. The same finish continues on the front panel, along with ARGB lighting bands. There are also some proper ventilation routes, made of black mesh.

A case for presentation purposes has to open easily, and Cooler Master meets this requirement properly, with its side panels installed on hinges. They lock up with special springs, with a powerful magnet used for closing.

Cooler Master Cosmos C700M is fitted with filters from all sides, often with two mesh layers, so dust will never be able to penetrate inside. And I would not worry about order inside when I see the fans set on 3 x 360mm coolers from Bitspower. The nine NB-eLoop X B12-PS ARGN 120mm Noiseblockers are a real treat, both in terms of performance and quiet work.

Watercooling in this PC is provided in hard EK tubes. The Distroplate from PHANTEKS was positioned at the back of the Cosmos, so that the red dyed fluid could be effectively distributed across the whole system.

Bitspower was the vendor of the fluid block for the motherboard, whereas a flat reservoir with D5 pump comes from EK. You should blame EK for the silver fittings, too, though a pair of 1/4” key connectors come from Bitspower again.

As you can see, the expo PC for AMD features components from leading LC manufacturers. We took the best of their proposals to deliver the final elegant and carefully finished design.