WinAmp is back

Today’s news will be much less about hardware, but will have a lot to do with PCs.

Some of our older readers may remember WinAmp, with the characteristic logo featuring a llama, which used to be probably the most popular player for MP3 files (and not just these). The application, developed in 1997 by Nullsoft, was a simple yet very functional audio file player for PC, with customization options available as ‘skins’ and with external plug-ins support. Further development of the application stopped in 2013 with release 5.666, and the software owner changed several times on the way. Now it is being revived. Radionomy, the present owner of the application, has just announced a 2019 premiere of version 6 of WinAmp, designed as a combination or concentration tool for audio resources, playing local files together with cloud or stream listening.

We will see how it finally comes out soon; in the meantime, we will be enjoying a patched beta version of WinAmp 5.8 or, if you have a preference for classics, the 2.95 release (still supported by e.g. Windows 10).