You can borrow Actina computers with the Plenti app

Recently, our fleet computers became available in the range, so you can borrow them now. We have slightly modified their base configuration by replacing the 120 mm Garriidas water cooling with 240 mm Navis ARGB from SPC.

We also added a 512 GB SSD to give you some serious space for your games. The version dedicated to events, with a 256 GB SSD, works well for us on LANs, but would not be so effective here. is a short- and long-term rental operator focusing on such electronic products as drones, projectors, or consoles. As unexpected home vacation is ahead of us, trying some latest games on a high performance level seems to be quite a reasonable idea.

100% discount for the first day of PC rental from

With our PC added to the Planti range, a promotion is offered, with the first day of rental free of charge. You can then test this form of entertainment without any consequences.

If you are just starting your PC gaming adventure and you haven’t bought too many games yet, you can use the Xbox Game Pass for PC. It will give you access to a reasonably large games library, and the cost is only 4 PLN for the first month of use.